DigMyPics Pricing

  • Photo scanning - $0.39
  • 35 mm slides and negatives - $0.39
  • APS negatives - $0.39
  • 8mm film transfer - $0.18 a foot
  • Video tape to DVD - $14.95


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#7 - DigMyPics

DigMyPics offers photo, negative and slide scanning services. Slideshow movies, 8mm film and video tape transfer. Everything is scanned and transferred in the United States. DigMuPics offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Estimate number of photos, feet of film or number of video tapes. Fill out order form and use their Fedex label. You can watch online as they scan your images. You can review the images online and delete up to 35% from your order. Only pay for those you keep. DigMyPics also offers an online photo sharing service with a 14 day free trial.

  • Facility in the United States
  • Located in Gilbert, Arizona
  • Photos, negatives, slide scanning
  • Slideshow, 8mm film, video tapes
  • Takes 5 to 15 days to complete
  • Live chat support online
  • Watch scans in realtime
  • Review and remove up to 35%
  • Track shipments via Fedex
  • Online photo storage
  • Gifts - posters, mousepads, mugs
  • Puzzles, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.